Terri Taylor Straut

Our Approach

Ascension Consulting is the creation of Terri Taylor Straut. Terri had the idea that exceptional project management is akin to a rising hot air balloon while attending her first balloon festival in Colorado nearly 20 years ago. Everyone sees the balloons rising, few understand the hard work it took the team to get to the point of ascent.

For over 15 years, Terri has been part of a team of professionals who come together to work on projects to provide our clients with the exact talent needed to do the job. Our high-performing, results-oriented, energetic team offers our clients the research-driven analysis, business acumen, leadership skills, and team approach needed to deliver results on-time and within your budget.

Terri Taylor Straut


  • Experienced Project Manager with deep experience in program creation, implementation, and monitoring through data collection and analysis for in-person and digital education programs

  • Qualified business professional with significant experience managing budgets, Subject Matter Experts (SME), vendors, and stakeholder communications in non-profit and higher education environments

  • Seasoned producer and SME in webinars, online courses, and other digital delivery channels; experience with multiple Learning Management Systems (LMS)

  • Accomplished academic research analysis with significant experience in distance education research in higher education; co-authored multiple publications and blog posts revealing current trends in technology-enabled learning and higher education

  • Communication skills including setting expectations with leadership and project teams, change management, and motivating teams to meet stretch goals.

Our Partners

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