Webcasts & Webinars

We practice what we preach. The use of technology, with proper design and opportunities for interaction, can allow your organization to provide more for your training dollars. It can also allow your employees to be more productive while they learn, saving time and money spent traveling for important training events.

Learners get real time feedback and new tools to try out.

Learners get real time feedback and new tools to try out.

Fortune 100 Client: Leading Strategically Webinar

As follow up to a two-day seminar on Leading Strategically, we created engaging webinars to answer questions 6-8 weeks after the initial training. This allowed the learners time to try out the strategy tools we’d provided and then ask questions and get feedback on their team’s results in real time. The webinars gave ample time for learners to hear from the facilitator as well as share ideas with their colleagues on different functional teams across the organization. Terri produced multiple webinars in 2014 for this Action Leadership Group engagement.


Distance Education Enrollment Trends: New Data, New Trends, New Partnership

This WCET webcast covered the newest trends in distance education enrollment by sector, by undergraduate/graduate level, growth over time and more. The data analyzed were the U.S. Department of Education 2015 IPEDS distance education data. Terri served as the moderator for this webcast. April 19, 2017.

Price Versus Cost Debate

This webcast was a facilitated conversation between experts on the price and cost of distance education who hold competing perspectives. The WCET Price and Cost of Distance Education report grounded the discussion. Terri served as one of the experts on the panel, as a co-author of the report. March 21, 2017.

Terri is a phenomenal project manager. I never worry about the details when she’s leading a critical client engagement.
— Maryann Billington, CEO, Action Leadership Group